Not a “Me-Too” Company with “Me-Too” Products

On a visit to Cross-American’s plant and assembly operation, one is immediately impressed with the visible quality and common sense design of every extractor that is in production. That “All American craftsmanship” really stands out in each and every system being readied for the purchase by the discriminating Professional who expects his Industrial System to be a real Workhorse, day in and day out!

Watching the engineering, seeing and listening to the reasons why things are done the way they are, is simply amazing and incredible. And after coming away from ones visit, it is very easy to understand why Cross-American has been the real leader in this industry over the past several decades and one in which they have contributed numerous ideas, innovations, and patents.

Ed Valentine, Cross-American’s dynamic leader began in the carpet cleaning industry in 1972 purchasing his very first truck and machine. It took only six years later to build it to 11 trucks and 3 locations in Michigan. The main reason for his success was the fact that he built his own industrial electrical systems which could easily be operated off the trucks at up to 150′, or brought inside on those high rise and security jobs. And, these systems were innovative and allowed much greater cleaning production and efficiency.

Fast forward to today:

The JAGUAR Industrial systems are simply amazing in every respect and manufactured far, far  above those generic squirt & suck machines so commonly purchased on price rather than true value and longevity with minimal problems or continual breakdowns.

Mr. Valentine has always believed that “when the Operator finally decides to put his hard earned money on the table, he expects his equipment to work hard and last a long, long time. If we can constantly meet and exceed those requirements, then we’ll have a loyal customer for life”.  Simple and to the point.

And, when one calls to either inquire or ask for help, where else can one speak to the actual owner of a company? It is common place to see Mr. Valentine on the phone helping as many customer as he can in an effort to help them succeed. He is very accessible and willing to share his experiences and refreshing ideas without all the salesmanship “sugar-coating” from the competition.  All you have to do is ask and he’ll get directly to the point sending you on your way with a huge smile on your face perhaps wondering why you didn’t make your decision earlier.

It is no wonder therefore for Cross-American’s over-whelming success and following. A company that really cares about the customer. A company with solid equipment and business plan. What a combination!

Electric TM/Portable vs. Gasoline Run TM