Cross-American Corporation is Your Silent Partner!

It is a known fact that Cross-American Corporation has been the leader in the development of unique and innovative High-Performance equipment in a portable design. It all started in 1978 when Ed Valentine was the first to develop a unique design concept utilizing CFM’s/Air-Flow. Thus, 31 years later & constant improvements, by maximizing CFM’s, Mr. Valentine was able to provide truly unbelievable Air-Flow in his equipment, thus permitting cleaning distances of an incredible 200 feet from the machine!

Unheard of performance from a “portable/modular” machine that could be either ran from a truck or wheeled indoors on high-rise or security jobs. And, this effort has put Cross-American Corp. years ahead of those other, “Me-Too” generic portables on the market!

The popularity of their Industrial high-performance systems have long been the benchmark for the Industry to follow. And, their growth rate and service has always been on solid ground with the partnering of their UK affiliates, Solutions, UK, Cornwall, England who has a proven reputation of training in their modern facilities and servicing way beyond expectations.

Most recently in Cross-American history, Mr. Valentine did extensive re-engineering improvements and design modifications to bring Cross-American’s 16 gallon systems into a new age of advanced technology cleaning. A new and unique Advanced Technology Wire Harness is user friendly and allows consumers to quick-disconnect major components in a snap. This technology eliminates the need to know wire schematics for any necessary repairs and/or upgrades. Exclusive air-intake and exhaust design allows for maximum performance on vacuum side without air-leaks! Extremely easy to connect and/or disconnect by the operator. Furthermore, with the low-cost Muffler package, sound levels are significantly reduced allowing operators to clean with joy!

For performance levels that may far exceed what you have been use to in the generic “Me-Too” equipment, and a bigger bang for your buck- depend on Cross-American systems to help make your cleaning a real success. You’ll really be glad you did it!

Remember, If it’s not a Cross-American System, its just another squirt & suck machine!

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